About MeDeVision

MeDeVision, a forum of Medical & Dental students is a pan India initiative started in 2015 with an aim to provide a platform to voice their tribulations at a national level. This forum thrives to empower the future doctors to think out of their text books, to be proactive and to participate collectively for improving medical education as well as health care delivery in India. MeDeVision enlightens the students of their responsibility towards their countrymen and nation. It encourages students to inculcate professionalism to become balanced doctors who practices the science as well as art of medicine.
The current scenario of demographic transition with an increasing geriatric population accompanied with Epidemiological shift from communicable to non communicable and lifestyle diseases, curative treatment remains expensive and inaccessible for various reasons. For the dream “Healthy India” to come true, there is a need for paradigm shift from curative to preventive approach both at individual and population level. Doctors play a major role in health care delivery system and it is imperative to train them not only in curative medicine but also in preventive and promotive approach in health care.
MeDeVision is initiating an attempt towards this by organizing 5th National conference in Udaipur, Rajasthan on 3-4 August, 2019 with a theme “Reconceptualization of Health Care in India ” where in eminent speakers both medical and non medical professionals from all over India will address the students. It will be a great opportunity for the students to learn, express and share their views with all the participants.

MeDeVision Central Committee

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Girls' Incharge

Community Service

All India Institutes' Incharge

Office & Communications Incharge

Central Committee Members from States :

Dr. Subbaiah Shanmugam, Chennai

Dr. Jaykar Shetty, Bengaluru

Dr. Saraswathi S., Bengaluru

Dr. Jyotirmay Nayak, Bhubaneshwar

Dr. Subram Sonapareddy, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Indranil Khan, Kolkata

Dr. Arun, Kerala

Shri Prafulla Akant

Shri Ramu

Dr. Chintan Chaudhary, Gujarat

Dr. Kurush R. Jehangirji, Maharashtra

Dr. Virendrasinh Solanki, Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Kunwar Akash Singh, Rajasthan

Dr. Saurav Kumar Prabhat, Chattisgarh

Dr. Akshay Hiremath, Karnataka

Dr. Vijayendar, Telangana

Dr. Aaradhana Devraj, Karnataka

Dr. Sainandan Reddy, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Grishma, Karnataka

Dr. Ravindra

Dr. Virendrasinh Solanki, Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Kurush R. Jehangirji, Maharashtra

Dr. Venkatesh Karthikeyan, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Manoj, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Sushanth, Kerala

Dr. Abhishek SH, Karnataka

Dr. Laxmi Tellur, Karnataka

Dr. Sheetal Khammam, Telangana

Dr. Orugam Shrinivasan, Telangana

Dr. Adwait Darade, Konkan

Dr. Prashant Ghule, Maharashtra

Dr. Natvarsinh Barjod, Gujarat

Dr. Anurag Sharma, Rajasthan

Dr. Saurabh Tripathi, Madhya Bharat

Dr. Swathi, Madhya Bharat

Dr. Vinod Dangi, Mahakaushal

Dr. Kum. Preetpal Kour, Chattisgarh

Dr. Mrutunjay Mohanti, Orissa